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Meditative Buddha Shakyamuni

Remembrance of Buddha

These poems are from the volume "Remembrance of Buddha". I am still at work on "Autumn Leaves" so I have gone back in time a bit. For a certain person, I hope these open your window a little wider and help to still your mind and heart.


1. Awakening from a lifetime dream,
To see a new morning,
Bright sun through the shutters,
Time begins to pass again.


2. What has been seen,
Passes beyond the clouds,
Rubbing sleep from my eyes,
Clarity is restored.


3. Listening to the Fall wind,
Frost in the morning,
Drifting between sleep and waking,
Which is the dream?


4. All these things,
Kannon observes and gentles,
A thousand healing hands,
Humble my lesser thoughts.


5. Truly splendid,
The light behind my eyes,
Even in the deepest darkness,
I can see the true path.


6. I am so pleased,
By simple things so near,
A warm touch, a kindly nod:
How special to perceive.


7. Restful morning,
Warm buns and tea,
Kittens purring on my lap,
The sun slowly rising.


8. Receiving true shinjin,
I now abide with Amida,
Attaining great joy,
A true companion.


10. Gray rain swept day of Autumn,
Very rarely come upon,
A holder of diamond knowledge,
Under an old umbrella.


11. Stopping by the roadside,
Shaded by the bodhi tree,
Prodding pilgrims with my stick,
They complain but move faster.


12. Neither inside or outside,
Standing in the doorway,
Absolutely insane,
Not remaining for an instant.


13. Coming to the world,
Or going from it,
The rains till falls,
And the winds blow.


14. Plowing the land,
With a reverent heart,
No one passes hungry,
While I can still hoe.


15. Sitting casually by the sea,
Night-dark upon the waters,
A single lantern bobbing on the waves,
The small boat nears shore.


16. Such a strange life,
To pass from nothing to this,
A small pearl in the darkness,
Neither eating nor sleeping.


17a. Thanking myself is foolish,
Yet truth comes from this insanity,
Felling dead trees,
I scream, "watch out."


17b. Beating heretics with a feather,
Revealing myself to the world,
Shaking the many branched bodhi tree;
Dead branches make good firewood.


18. Repaying the great Master,
I own only one robe,
Not even a bowl to beg with;
What is a bowl?


19a. Thoughts within thoughts,
Watching the mayflies,
Speaking softly,
So many flowers to give them.


19b. No effort in being free,
What is good is reason enough,
I remember the blossoms,
And see all that unfolds.


20. The moment has slipped away,
Though minutes have formed into hours,
Each more precious than the last;
Wind smashing against the shutters.


21. Every day a bother,
That old flower vendor,
Smiling and chattering away,
He trips me as I pass; Thank you.


22. What a thing to be,
An heir to the Masters,
Empty headed and penniless,
Stumbling over rocks.


24. My mind is swallowed,
By the light of a billion Tathagattas,
Burned to a cinder of ash,
I float effortlessly on the wind.

25. Monk sitting in the clouds,
Washing his robes in a bucket,
Definitely settled,
He whistles merrily.


26. Sitting on the temple step,
Smiling at the birds,
Thinking nothing but sky,
What a wonderful day.


27. The call on the wind distant and clear,
Sighing through the trees,
Few seem to hear,
The beautiful voice of wisdom.


28. What courage to enter the Dharma hall,
Walking with your heart,
Building a new home,
The still pond of bliss.


29. Sitting contemplation in the shrine,
No one passes before me,
Perfection of gaze,
Looking beyond the ocean.


30. Flowers on the hillside,
Each new bud a tiny gem,
Walking through the grass,
With a nod of decision I move on.


31. Interrupting my work,
I look toward the sunset,
Demonstration gives a lesson,
I go back to my books.


32. With a satisfied nod,
Staring for a long time,
Following the winds,
Listening intently, I hear my mind sigh.


33. Waving an acknowledgement,
I pass over the long bridge,
Laughing until my head falls off;
I blink innocently.


34. Walking with my teacher,
He casts no shadow,
Hos gaze passing over me,
I am not there.


35. Waving goodbye I turn to go,
Scattering dust in my wake,
My enthusiasm is boundless,
All taken on faith.


36. A long way to go,
Before I really stand alone,
Masters are few, fools many;
Fishing for reality.


37. Frozen to immobility,
The Spring has thawed my bones,
Stripping away my disguise;
What a shabby caterpillar.


38. Bamboo in the moonlight,
silver shadows,
Without thinking I stamp my foot,
Finding the answer.


39. In comfortable silence,
Breathing is forgotten,
No face in the sun,
No hand in the water.


40. Preparing for reality,
What a silly thing to do,
When it's all natural;
Go rake your own garden.


A very quiet holiday weekend here. Lots of wind, some rain showers, and bright sunshine. Quite a mix. Even the cats are a bit subdued. Just sort of a lazy Sunday. I need one of those once in a while. Here is the second batch of poems from "Remembrance of Buddha."


41. Gentle master of flowers,
Drinking of the lotus waters,
Carrying his bucket home,
Cold wash in the morning.


42. Leaves blowing in the wind,
Swirling round my bare head,
Walking for my health:
Behold the snowy peaks.


43. What to do now,
Nothing to do, nowhere to go,
Burning down the house,
Walking across the white snow.


44. Flight of the arrow,
Tendai in the morning,
Rising in peace;
Shadow of a monkey.


45. Words shape the world,
Swirling on the wind,
A mirror that cannot be broken:
Sun over the golden palace.


47. Sitting down,
I write,
True heart to mind,
Not looking the part.


49. Beauty beyond wonder,
No body,
No spirit,
No I to stand or fall.


50. The quiet of the brook,
Sounding like Spring,
It's echo so happy,
Sublime and accomplished.

51. With an empty mind,
Absorbing great sunlight,
Resting in the sun's shadow,
Laying on no bed.


52. Stopping the gray waves,
With one heartbeat,
Great and vast,
The depth of the sea.


53. Enjoying the fresh Spring breeze,
Hat low over my eyes,
Filtering the blinding sun,
Offering piggyback rides.


54. Over a bowl of tea,
I ask no man,
"Where am I,"
No response.


55. Shaking hands with myself,
Coming and going,
Extending both hands, I take in the world.


56. Sitting and thinking,
Of not thinking,
I have a thought,
What was it?


57. Watching the Buddha,
Where no Buddha is,
The image shimmers,
With vivid clarity.


58. Passing from age to age,
I have seen many a butterfly,
Yet none can compare,
With this single sunrise.


59. Between the far mountains,
Golden rippling waters,
Beneath a golden sun;
So many fruits on the trees.


60. Taking up the pen again,
I wonder if I know anything,
Writing as I sit or walk,
Who knows what any of it means.


61. Being bull headed,
I crash through many walls.
Although sometimes painful,
It creates wonderful new doors.


62. Finally I am home,
No more on the cliffside path,
Peaceful, quiet, and serene,
What songs the raindrops make.


63. Brightly shines the full moon of Spring,
Whatever comes is always a parting,
Keeping my eyes fixed,
I look beyond the far horizon.


64. The happy man sings,
Of Spring in the new fields;
Eating the last of the old rice,
He smiles.


65. Breathing in,
Or breathing out,
Tea is still tea,
And I am tea.


66. Standing before the wind,
Like the mountain,
With great indifference,
I bear what I bear.


67. Charming and full of life,
What is here before me,
Yet my heart is weary,
Hearing thunder in the East.


69. Butterfly in my hand,
Framed by the afternoon sun,
My mind goes outward,
Escaping with its departing.


70. Storm in a teacup,
Such are my thoughts,
What foolishness,
Wind through the trees.


71. Starring into the sun,
I am not blinded,
Only mildly amused,
Gathering thoughts in my robes.


72. In true absorption waiting,
Guiding from the lotus throne,
Deep and far reaching,
Gathering all sentient beings.


73. I have heard,
Without bounds or limits,
All the enlightened ones,
Purifying the world.


74. Calmly spreading enlightenment,
Practicing the path of study,
I will walk like the Buddha,
Setting forth on the road.


75. Seeing all things,
Without begrudging body and life,
Spiritual power of all Buddhas,
Able to bear all pain.


76. My mind is at peace,
Manifesting spiritual Masters,
My self long extinguished,
Unique among gems.


77. Step by short step,
Dust clouds on the road,
Which is better,
Rain or dust?


Well, that's it for today. Time for some tea and off to bed. First though a stop before the butsudan to give thanks for anything and everything.
In gassho,
Tasogare Shinju


Well here we go again. I have some more poems from "Remembrance of Buddha" for you.


78. No beginning, no end,
Just the road well traveled,
It is late,
And the lantern needs lighting.


79. Having no doubts,
I race through the darkness,
Wet robes clinging to me,
No delusions, just rain.


80. Cooling my feet in the waters,
Racing like the wind,
Not knowing one another;
Teal or unreal?


81. Like a dream of summer,
My life passes,
As the lotus is born,
I am dying from instant to instant.


82. Having seen the Buddha,
My mind is empty,
No origin and no end,
This is true insight.


83. Words are not reality;
With a single shout,
They are destroyed,
Having no abode.


84. All things in a single thought,
Rousing aspirations,
Of past, present, and future,
Expounding one phrase teaching.


85. Rare and beautiful to behold,
The lamp of the world,
None comparable can be found,
Ultimate transcendent wisdom.


86. Pilgrims prod me with sticks,
Deep in meditation,
My mind imperturbable;
They get my smiling stare.


88. Seeking the great treasury,
I am humbled,
Respectfully attending to my reading,
Producing clouds of Buddha teaching.


89. Vast as the lotus fragrance,
Spreading to infinity,
This is practice dedication,
Tolerant and gentle.


90. Arriving at the truth,
I create my new abode,
Built of undefiled knowledge,
It stands alone.


91. As moonlight soothes the heart,
Unaffected by clouds,
The enlightened one overcomes dogma,
Removing all confusion.


92. Reflecting on the winds,
Each ebb and flow its own,
Each timeless and fleeting,
Gone before they begin.


93. Looking for my past lives,
I see only the clouded mirror,
Glimpses of the future,
Come easier as Spring approaches.


94. A student asked his Master,
"How many Buddhas can you count?"
The Master replied, "one. Just one."
"What an idiot," laughed the student.
"So you are too," grinned the Master.


95. As the whistling wind is endless,
The names of Buddha also,
Infinite and countless,
As leaves falling in Winter.


96. Paying respects to the toll taker,
I ask for the path to enlightenment,
Cackling joyously he called,
"Insufficient funds."


97. Understanding all languages,
I still say "Mu,"
For clarification,
I fart into the wind.


98. Remaining in concentration,
Is like a bird with a stone in its belly,
Wanting to soar into the heavens,
Yet walking the earth.


99. I accept my dreamlike state,
Like the mirage of an echo,
Never startled or frightened,
Remembering only practice.


100. Becoming calm at heart,
When listening to sparrows,
Hearing their simple message,
Covering heaven and earth.


101. To enter the realm of illusion,
I have only to open my eyes each morning,
Such is the world;

102. If you say it,
Or I say it,
All sound is null,
The language of Buddha.


103. Not living in this world,
What does it matter,
I am dead anyway;
Bury the rotting fish.


104. The sun of pure knowledge,
Such a supreme state,
seeing all in one,
All arising from action.


105. Eager for the subtle doctrine,
I am deeply inspired,
To stand in the rain,
Stomping in the mud.


106. The moon in the sky,
Outshines the stars,
Buddha is also thus,
Outshining the sun.


107. To know my mind,
Observe yourself within,
Taking no rest,
Stop the waves and float.


109. Harmonizing as one,
The many roots of goodness,
Ending in emancipation,
The consummate wisdom.


110. Attending my teacher,
I awaken earlier with each day,
Sleeplessness my constant companion;
Please strike me harder Master.


111. I know something,
But what it is escapes me,
Tied in a reed bundle,
How could I misplace it.


112. Riding on a thunderbolt,
A pleasant and happy life,
Joyful of heart,
With a cast iron ass.


113. Stirring the muddy waters,
My stick makes ripples,
Infinite in variety,
I could watch all day.


114. Gentle speech most profound,
A shout in the silence,
Easy to understand,
Impossible to grasp.


115. Not saying anything,
I expound volumes,
Getting rid of bad habits;
Out with the trash.


116. Dragons of teaching,
Rarely met in the world,
Adorn the palace of knowledge,
Growing herbs of wisdom.


117. Teaching widely in many ways,
Able in an instant,
To walk all roads,
Clearly understanding.


118. What an extraordinary thought,
No more weariness,
Most joyful of beings,
Observing well.


119. Sitting under the bodhi tree,
Roaring like a lion,
Relaxing in compassion,
Resting on the ultimate truth.


120. Juggling the Dharma,
Showing wisdom gems in action,
Manifesting brightly coloured lights,
All in suspension.


121. May the Buddha show us,
Coming forth like a storm,
Entering the sky of truth;


122. Do it for yourself,
This climbing of mountains,
If you fall from the cliff,
Don't blame me.


123. How great the miracle,
Of the Pure Land,
Adorned with infinite light gems,
Worked by spiritual Masters.


124. Through the gates of
compassionate liberation,
Clouds cannot mask,
The face of Buddha,
Serene and smiling.


125. Taking the first step,
Examining my heart,
Sounds within the silence,
Relaxing in awareness.


126. Walking with my friend,
Striking me now and then,
His stick rising and falling,
How lucky I am (for Rev. Dokyo Chozen)


That's it for today but there is still a long way to go. There are 762 poems in this volume so there are more than enough to drive us all mad in one way or another. I enjoyed going through these again and I hope you will enjoy them for the first time.
In deep gassho and metta,
Tasogare Shinju

127. Having died,
I am familiar with death,
That cold hand,
Ushers me into Spring.


128. Speaking within the dream,
Old man moving in harmony,
Rising with the dawn,
Teaching and walking.
(for Rev. Dokyo Chozen)


129. A poor monk,
Who is not poor,
How can this be;
Smoke in the wind.


130. Pathless path,
A melon with eyes,
Coolness of Spring rain,
Transparent thoughts.


131. Life and death balanced,
Sitting and listening;
Too many crickets,
What a racket.


132. Monk in mid-April,
How solemn and silly,
Face to the North,
Why the chilly night?


133. New green leaves,
I now know,
My life is ignorance,
Left in the night.


134. Writing again,
Why did I do it,
My head hurts;
Subtle thought lingers.


135. A monk in the city,
Closet Dharma,
Summer coming,
Walking in robes.


136. Immoveable lotus sitting,
Entering original birth,
My eyes are too small,
No tongue to speak.


137. Looking to the East,
Winter sea,
With a nod,
Goodbye teacher.
(for Rev. Dokyo Chozen)


138. Sitting in the sunset,
Warm thoughts and tea,
Knowing what to do,
Not moving.


139. Late at night,
Whispering sounds,
Watching stars,
Why no shakuhachi?


140. Night passes,
No death,
Just life:
Strange black birds.


141. Stern clouds,
At last,
Vow renewal,
Fading among drops of dew.


142. Doing nothing,
Wandering around,
Collecting small blossoms:
Round teaching.


143. Young mountain,
Sound of swallows,
Spring rain falling,
Pure lotus land.


144. Golden sunset,
Bowl of green tea,
My departure long past;
How did I arrive?


145. Refreshed with morning,
Wonderful coolness,
Scent of fresh grass,
No self to pester.


146. Dokyo Chozen's footprints,
Invisible as the day,
My heart leaps,
Where did they go?
(for Rev. Dokyo Chozen)


147. Clouded thoughts,
Not enough sleep,
Sloppy brushwork,
Good intentions.


148. Spring moon in transition,
Waterfall illuminated,
Deep currents rippling,
Brush on the waters.


149. Moonrise through the firs,
Round and perfect,
Denying myself,
Somewhere between thoughts.


150. Fingers pointing at the moon,
The heron's cry in the snow;
Standing in the moonlight,
How alike we are.


151. Breeze through the reeds,
Birds on the rippling waters,
effortless their coming and going,
Willow shadow on the bank.


152. Incense smell of pines,
Subtle in its inspiration,
Sitting in the smoke shadow,
Dreaming of stillness.

153. Day and night pass,
Unremitting attention focused,
Beyond my feeble senses,
Cranes flying across the sun.


154. Turning knowledge into bones,
Realizing all possibilities,
Blind eyes are opened again,
How bright each new sunrise.


155. Bare trees on a cloudy day,
Buds almost unseen,
Rain misting the branches,
Early Spring thoughts.


156. Stopping and seeing,
Seeing and stopping;
What is happening,
Blending into nondoing.


157. Hail on the shutters,
Ringing like a temple bell,
Awakening thoughts of rest,
Deep in the mind of compassion.


159. Infinite, tranquil, and pure,
Splendid of appearance,
Cloudless sky,
In every moment of thought.


160. Fragrant clouds of light,
Showering enlightenment flowers,
Descending on my body,
On the ground where I walk.


162. With all at hand,
Purifying my mind,
Hearing incomparable teaching;
Another cup of green tea please.


163. Free from all dependence,
Neither resting nor questioning,
Waken me to true nature,
I need to ask so much.


165. Going by way of Amida's vows,
Miracles on all sides,
Thinking and thoughtless,
Beneath gray Spring skies.


166. With the Dharma to aid me,
And the power in my own mind,
I carry on my practice,
Vast and immeasurable.


167. Removing the web of views,
As far as I can see,
Limitless form of no-forms;
How inconceivable.


168. Firm as a diamond mountain,
Walking slowly upon the Way,
seeing the world in many ways,
Which could not all be seen.


169. Mind as free as the sky,
With energy like fire,
I appear to the world,
Like a black shadow.


A good night to you all and may your dreams and waking moments be of the Pure Land. In gassho and metta most heartfelt,
Tasogare Shinju


My best to one and all and thank you again for your kind letters. I have started writing again so there will be many more poems to come. A very warm day here with very little breeze. A good day for a high powered fan.


235. Fish out of water,
Midday sun,
No breeze,
Much gasping.


236. Large marsh frog,
Raucous croaking,
Much wisdom.


237. When times are hard,
Paint the clouds,
Using only mind,
Stand back, listen to the echo.


238. Residing by the lake,
Never tiring of
The sound of birds by the willow,
Without them no soul.


239. In the moonlight,
Untold grass shoots;
What joy,
A single flower.


240. Beginning to break,
Wind and thunder,
A flight of birds,
Hurrying to the firs.


241. What funny birds,
To know the Lotus Sutra,
With an educated song.


242. Swallows,
Random thoughts,
Coming and going,
Anticipation of soothing blossoms.


243. I am here as well,
Black robe in the doorway,
The smell of cooking,
At my back.


244. What I wanted,
Three years ago,
To keep good company,
Came so quickly.


245. To fall like faded blossoms,
Would that we could,
Lose our own attachment,
With such grace.


246. My heart,
Is open to Summer,
No frost to shed,
Cool and clear.


247. I now can sing,
Uttering no sound,
Concealed in a breath,
A complete rendering.


249. False dawn,
First birds singing,
How happy I am,
To be allowed the pleasure.


250. I am swept away,
In a moment of half sleep,
By vivid dreams,
Of you smiling shyly.
(for my wife Nita)


251. The Autumn moon,
Shines for me all year,
Crazy as I am,
I still chase moonbeams.


252. Cold drizzle,
The sun sets late,
No words can say,
What must be seen.


253. Standing like a scarecrow,
Counting dewdrops,
Moonwind and night scent,
Are other souls watching?


254. The color,
Of fallen leaves,
Further and further,
I follow their path.


255. Eyes closed in sleep,
I spend the night,
Calming my mind,
Unpiling stones.


256. My final words,
Flow away,
Caught downstream,
In someone's net.


257. Just for the joy of it,
Coming and going,
Leaving behind,
Heartfelt writings.


259. So long ago,
Crossing over the bridge,
On the far shore,
Tonight's dreams.


260. Illumine your heart,
No trace of self,
To steal away,
The natural beauty.


261. What a fool,
Angry for so many years,
Weathering countless storms,
When an umbrella was near.


264. Standing in enlightenment,
Making men from mud,
How odd this is,
To encounter good fortune.


265. In a moment of life,
Three thousand worlds,
And I have trouble,
Rising in the morning.


A very fulfilling day as my student Kaika Buyo got past her first koan with flying colours. I am very happy for her deep insight and progress. I am truly impressed. Thank you my student for such a wonderful surprise. For the rest of us we will have to make do with some more poems from "Remembrance of Buddha." I hope they do for your day what Kaika Buyo did for mine.

266. In each drop of dew,
Accepting reality,
Yet to come.


267. Looking downhill,
The next step is closer,
Raising a foot,
Plunging to destruction.


268. Arisen from sleep,
Opening the window,
Showing my insanity,
Nothing changes.


269. To gladden the heart,
Learning to understand,
Singing like the nightingale,
Free on the winds.


271. Wrapped in an old robe,
A marvelous secret,
Spoken to the world,
In simple words.


273. Working for kosenrufu,
Looking deeply within,
One pointedly,
Seeking ultimate perfection.


274. True or false,
Neither exists,
As I fumble at living,
Surely something will come of it.


275. Death cannot hold me,
His cold hand,
Merely another touch of Winter,
Eternal Spring has my heart.


276. A sick man,
I have swallowed the good medicine,
The old practitioner,
Has left his mark.


277. From the primordial Buddha,
Comes the law,
Left in my care,
To be revealed as cherry blossoms.


278. At my age,
Going back to school,
Who could have foreseen,
My shameless ignorance.


279. Frozen in the snow,
Waiting for Spring,
No mind to see,
How cold it is.


280. Finding only myself,
I go back to sleep,
And peaceful.


281. Flies round my head,
Singing or arguing,
Who can tell;
They'll figure it out eventually.


That's it for tonight. A wonderful weekend awaits. Make the most of it and relax. Hopefully we all come out of it on Monday with calmer minds.
In gassho and metta,
Tasogare Shinju

Hello all;
It's been a few days so I thought I would send out a few more poems. I am still plugging away at the new volume, bit by bit, a few more poems each day. The amount of writing has certainly slowed, but, hopefully not the quality. Hope you all enjoy this sending.


282. No explanation needed,
When all is one;
No question to ask,
The still waters.


283. Head in my hands,
I wonder why.
Totally at a loss,
I rise and walk away.


284. Never mind,
That I have not attained ease,
So much better,
To be shoved occasionally.


285. Who needs the last word,
The first was enough.
Whatever comes next,
Will happen anyway.


286. Recording this,
And recording that,
What is the use,
When it is already gone?
Was it ever there,
Will it return;
Continuing writing,
I'll wait and see.


287. Eyes heavy with sleep,
I rise and walk.
Sitting down again,
I am more satisfied.


288. Getting ready to leave,
That is easy,
Actually doing it,


289. Passing into half sleep,
Time ceases,
In-between moments,
Something is seen.


290. Most certainly dead,
Yet able to watch clouds pass,
No trouble at all,
To see the golden sun rise.


291. Wind in my face,
Standing above the trees,
A mighty slap,
To the remnants of ego.


292. Hopelessly unteachable,
I eat, sleep, and drink Dharma,
Ten thousand hardships,
And one clear bell.


293. Having no reputation to protect,
I let my robes flap in the breeze,
Nothing to emulate in me,
I am a lost cause.


294. Being stuffed with Dharma,
Eventually I will vomit,
Spewing forth mighty torrents,
Enough to fertilize a rice field.


295. Cut off your head,
And see the world,
It's much clearer,
From this low perspective.


296. Die,
But don't forget to breathe;
Ten thousand leagues,
Dragging a dead man.


297. If I am a lotus,
Springing from the mud,
Better throw more dung on me,
So my perfume is unmistakeable.


298. Straining at my leash,
Great consternation,
A single raindrop,
Everything falls into place.


299. Smoke rising in the wind,
Unexplainable patterns,
Set against the mountain,
Nothing to taste or touch.


300. Showing some spirit,
I wrote a word,
What was the matter with me?


301. Speaking what is unspoken,
Mastering the closed fist,
Firm yet flexible,
As rare as stone clouds.


302. "What is the place of non-thinking?"
The Master replied, "nobody home,
Close the door,
After you sweep the porch."


304. The never finished answer,
What can one say,
Rather find a Master,
And tweak his nose.


305. Mumbling in the daylight,
Great indecision,
No chance event.
May I chop off your head?


306. Going someplace far,
Nothing there;
Outrage me,
And stop smiling.


307. Not knowing the problem,
I plant flowers,
Drink tea,
And return to the mountain.


308. Lighting cheap incense,
Chanting hollow words,
Burn your shrine down,
And stand in the snow.


310. Steady like an ironwood tree,
Mind secure and peaceful,
Growing toward the sun,
Seeing nothing but the Path.


311. Two bright mirrors,
Master and realized student,
No words or images,
Can capture this instant.
(for Rev. Dokyo Chozen)


312. Study must be true study,
Moving with a mighty flow,
What is the Buddha Dharma,
But a ground down mountain.


313. The time of realization,
Can never be known,
Maybe the cuckoo,
Has the right idea.


314. My mental monkey,
Used to beg coins,
Now he is dead,
And makes a fine doorstop.


315. The pure wind never ceases,
Robe flapping in the breeze,
This is nothing,
That doesn't always happen.


316. Better find out,
What your back looks like,
It can tell you,
What problems you face.


317. Seeing for yourself,
Cannot be taught;
In an angry sea,
Patch the boat.


318. Holding up the sun and moon,
Is never tiring,
No turning away,
Once the gate is open.


319. Undefineable,
A solid simpleton,
Transforming existance,
Into true nature.


320. My mind,
Is full of sand,
So many grains to turn over:
Upend the hourglass!


321. No more perception,
Walking or sitting,
Finding rest,
Empty and silent.


322. Not establishing anything,
True peace of mind,
Joyously alive,
Wearing out my sandals.


323. Why are you angry,
When the breeze is cool,
The sun sets in the West,
And the night birds are singing?


Well, there you are. Take care and be well. Be kind to each other.
In gassho and metta,
Tasogare Shinju

Saturday already. Where did the week go? No Matter. Time to relax again, put your feet up, and have a cup of tea. Here are a few more poems to read while you take some time out.


324. One mind,
One body,
One spirit,
A frog croaking on a lotus.


325. Silent rain,
Mind only,
Whetting all futures,
In spite of angry skies.


326. No longer following,
This is it,
Pure and noble spirit,
Released and Unfettered.


327. With my nature spread out,
Not pointing to destruction or creation,
No more "I" to see,


328. Trusting to natural responses,
Everything falls into place,
Centered and open,
Spring in each moment.


329. Leaves fall,
Flowers fade,
Silent in death,
Until next Spring.


330. Who was it,
Who hid behind the door,
Trusting to night;
The dead man left behind.


331. Deep insight,
Penetrating earth and sky,
Not impossible,
A drop of water.


332. Why search,
When true contemplation,
Is here without measure,
In one who knows.


333. A precious thing,
Taken with you,
Continual practice,
Becoming soft scented blossoms.


334. By right action,
Though you be weak,
If you are wise,
Become a lion of Dharma.


335. Of benefit to all,
Thinking only of cool water,
Everyone finding contentment,
To the ten corners of the world.


336. When storm clouds gather,
Occupied by evil intent,
Quietness, No reason to grieve,
When the moon always rises.


337. To know ones imperfections,
Through skill, knowledge, and strength;
Living examples,
Tended by the Master.


338. Where Buddha is present,
Streams run backwards,
Always to the source,
Where all is bliss.


339. A monkey in the treetop,
Cannot reach the sky;
The actions of a fool,
Cannot reach the hem of Buddha's robe.


340. Mount Sumeru cannot be moved,
Wise men take this to heart,
Great deeds may be accomplished,
When arrogance is crushed.


341. What should not be done,
In practicing the Dharma,
The wise man,
Sees as opportunity.


342. Like a jewel hidden in the mud,
My life attracts no attention,
Keeping my resolve,
My roots grow deep.


343. The highly learned sage,
Sees what was never hidden,
The scent of a flower,
The interior of mind.


344. What good is anger,
When knowledge is firm;
The coldest snow,
Melts in the sunshine.


345. Understanding my teacher,
I killed myself;
Watching myself,
I was highly amused.
(for Rev. Dokyo Chozen)


346. Rejoicing in the Dharma,
Generosity flowers,
And control of the mind,
Grows from right action.


347. Even old age,
Cannot still the voice of wisdom,
Virtues like messengers,
Overshadow death.


348. Wholly within oneself,
A sage clear of impurities,
Waiting for the moment,
When the crippled walk.


349. The rarest of all,
Resting wholly within yourself,
The original mind,
Found nowhere else.


350. Nothing but experience,
Can instruct without speaking,
All other base accomplishments,
return to mud.

Hello all:
More haiku to drive you further around the bend.


351. Receiving one look,
From my smiling Master,
A gift beyond price,
I hope to share.


352. What is distant is near,
Not to be seen,
Nor touched by hands,
Intangible but whole.


353. Patience and wisdom,
Let all hear the truth,
To counter all poisons,
Imagined by the mind.


354. Great enjoyment,
In seeking nothing,
Waking each moment,
To open to stillness.


356. Doing nothing particular,
Sitting quietly,
Sipping tea in silence,
This is practicing the dharma.


357. Weeding the garden at the gate,
Cleaning well traveled sandals,
Finding pure air and sunlight,
Many reach their ultimate destination.


358. Shaking hands with Buddha,
I feel no wind or rain,
Such a single mindedness,
So fast; how did it happen?


359. My practice,
Is on the wind,
Not set here or there,
Fluid and timeless.


360. Don't strive to be Buddha,
Just be,
Don't think about it,
Let the stream flow freely.


361. Having heard of myself,
"I" went to visit "me,"
"Me" rose and shouted,
"I" panicked and died.


362. My robes are not wondrous,
Yet their soft swishing,
Focuses my thoughts,
One to one.


363. A karma storm in my belly,
No room for nourishment;
Learning to eat again,
Savoring each morsel.


364. "Now you've done it,
I shall have to start again,"
Scolded the student,
To his Master cradling a perfect cup of tea.


365. Clearing the mind,
Beside the singing green stream,
Clearing my eyes,
Watching the lotus bloom.


366. I no longer recollect,
But I am always observant,
What was I doing a year ago,
A fly on a blade of grass is more important.


367. Nothing prevents realization,
Be on good relations;
For ones own well being,
Strike at your head.


368. Drinking in the world,
With a tamed spirit,
How peaceful the Spring afternoon,
When the heart is at rest.


369. Even though the dream window is open,
I go about my daily work,
Practicing what needs practicing;
The sword can never be too sharp.


370. Visiting my Master,
Reminds me to watch myself,
It is never too late,
To grow eyes in the back of your head.
(for Rev. Dokyo Chozen)


Well, there you go. A few new
bits and pieces to mull over.
Be well and take care.
In gassho and metta,
Tasogare Shinju


371. Quiet and remote,
My mind dwells in the country,
This tired body,
Continues on its own way.


372. Seeing my own death is no dream,
It's just life as it always is,
Better not sit in the moss garden,
Or it may come sooner.


373. Don't wait for me,
I'm going on ahead,
In your own time,
You will follow.


374. Reading or meditating?
Reading or meditating?
No reading or meditating?
Reading and meditating !!


375. No extra time to waste,
Always practicing,
Eating, sleeping, speaking;
Never forgetting the reality of each moment.


376. Never passing judgement,
I see light in all sects,
What may be darkness,
Is for others to perceive.


377. I ask for nothing more,
Content to be as I am,
A poor poet and a second rate priest,
In my own way coomplete.


378. Going beyond what I have done,
What does that mean,
Better to plod along,
Whipping the ox.


379. The Master appears,
So what,
Just another monk,
Going to the bathroom.
(for Rev. Dokyo Chozen)


380. I need no lavish undergrowth,
To feel confortable,
A single tree,
And one cool breeze.


381. Looking at myself,
I am not here,
Look for me someplace else.


382. The Way is never closed,
But tax collectors lurk there.
Pay them in full,
And move on.


383. I am a very old man,
Though spry and lively,
Sedate and introspective;
My young mind laughs.


384. Never a slave to conformity,
I take care of myself,
Doing what I can,
To restore peace.


Just a short batch tonight. Enjoy and be well.
In gassho and metta,
Tasogare Shinju

Hello all;
For those of you who enjoy my poems and have written me to say so, thank you so much. For those of you who don't care for them and feel they are out of place, please feel free to delete them, or to line your birdcages. they are after all just poems. Regardless I send them with an open heart and ask nothing in return. They are only meant to provide another perspective on the Path and to perhaps to provide a bit of relaxation at the end of a long working day. My best to you all no matter what your opinion may be. May compassion and tolerance come to all of us.


586. Wandering,
Years coming and going.
Misty skies of Spring,
Always return.


587. Summer heat
Waiting for rain.
To start,
Think about it.


588. Each day mind calmer.
Remembering other times,
No chance for thinking,
"What time is it?"


589. By the West tree,
Gathering chesnuts,
Unseen flowers.


590. Wind and cloud,
Too high to touch.
No need for other company.


591. Unforgotten flowers,
Mountains left, right,
New and old trees,
Late July rain.


592. Unusual night,
Far too many sounds.
Cool with rain scent,
Not a time to sleep.


593. After careful consideration,
Traveled nowhere,
Watched firs,
Drank tea.


594. Isolated shrine,
Viewed in a moment,
More pleasant,
For it's rarity.


595. With wry humor,
Heavan and earth,
Hearing the refreshing word,
Escape blindness.


596. I am of no mind,
About this thing.
Even a cold stream,
Can cause peaceful play.


599. That's what I am,
A mountain of nothing,
Settling comfortably,
Under a cloudless sky.


601. My cup,
Is sometimes full of dust.
Shame on me,
since I know how to wash dishes.


602. Raking clouds,
With my mind.
Bit by bit,
The fog recedes.


603. What secrets,
Have I kept from myself?
No cat in the bag,
Too smart to stay.


604. Everything is Mu,
Mu is empty,
Then I am not hearing this;
Worn out and inconspicuous.


606. Although dead for years,
My stinking corpse,
Does not know enough to stop;
Half baked monkey brain.


607. The Master said,
"Eat a frog.
I'ld rather listen
To someone else's croakings."


608. Phantom trees,
Imaginary rain;
Why is my head wet,
When my hat is left home?


609. I am so outrageous,
Poking the lake with a stick.
Eyes wide open,
I keep my mouth shut.


610. The laugh of Dokyo Chozen,
Has shattered mountains.
Stilled by death,
It echoes through the grass.
(for Rev. Dokyo Chozen)


611. I cannot sleep.
The moon is lit
And won't go away.


612. On a butterfly,
A crow has settled;
New Year's day.
When is sunset?


613. Watching waves, drinking tea.
Waves of tea, drinking in waves.
It all flows,
Where it will.


614. What a strange thing,
That I rise each day,
Over and over again.
Will I ever get it right?

Hello all;
Thank you all again for the nice comments headed our way since the last poems went out. Much appreciated. Here are the next batch from "Remembrance of Buddha" for you to relax with.


615. Ultimate reality does not exist,
So I am happy as I am,
Swallowing the moon.


616. If it all passes,
I must have passed.
When was I there,
When did I leave?


617. What has come before,
Cannot compare,
To a single cherry blossom,
Before my eyes.


618. Meditate on this,
Three peas in a pot,
Half cooked;
Before the birds come.


619. Crossing the bridge is easy,
Despite the rushing waters.
Better knock out a few boards,
And try it again.


620. Watching each raindrop,
Enter into the lake,
Leaving no footprints.
How soothing the night air.


621. Why muddle my thoughts,
When there is no rock to shatter?
I am much better off,
Eating and drinking.


622. I wish I could show you,
What I see.
Vanishing, wind blown,


623. All alone,
One thought,
Passes the moon;
Night birds.


624. Green leaves at dawn,
Today misty firs.
Nothing to say,
Only the voice of the wind.


625. Moon through the violent clouds,
Not to be missed.
Rain pelting the windows,
Beyond lovely.


626. As if to please the world,
Leaves fall from the willow,
Dancing in the wind;
The loon at sunset.


627. If Sengai jumps in a pond,
Don't ask me to drink.
The dirt washing off him,
If he even notices.
(After Sengai, after Basho)

Hello all;
For those of you who enjoy my poems and have written me to say so, thank you so much. For those of you who don't care for them and feel they are out of place, please feel free to delete them, or to line your birdcages. they are after all just poems. Regardless I send them with an open heart and ask nothing in return. They are only meant to provide another perspective on the Path and to perhaps to provide a bit of relaxation at the end of a long working day. My best to you all no matter what your opinion may be. May compassion and tolerance come to all of us.


628. The sound of the wind.
Thinking of things past.
Turn up the lantern.
Pacing at night.


629. Rain striking Fall leaves,
Sound of angry clouds.
I remember,
That morning is near.


630. Properly drinking tea,
Makes me smile inside.
When the steam rises,
All take notice.


631. Dewey grass below the moon,
A field of glistening gems.
One is clearly aware,
Serenly oblivious.


632. Beneath gray skies,
I travel,
Leaving no footprints;
Just so.


633. The birds are leaving.
Left behind,
I sit by the window,
Learning to just sit.


634. Near a man long dead,
The Lotus blooms.
What a thoughtful man,
To donate himself thus.


635. Endlessly I am becoming,
Living or dying,
It is natural too;
The way of the fool.


636. My cats have Buddha Nature,
They tell me every day in great detail.
Nothing disturbs them,
No locked doors.


637. I cannot question yes or no,
Having forfeit my life.
Nothing comes to mind,
When Winter wind blows.


638. Sweep, sweep, sweep,
The chore never ends.
How many brooms,
Before the snow falls?


639. Lifting the moon,
Above my shouldres,
Was easy;
The rumble of thunder
died of embarassment.


Enjoy the shank end of the eve. We are preparing to go to O-bon and the Bon-odori tommorow. Should be lots of fun if we don't melt in the heat.
Gassho and metta,
Tasogare Shinju, Nita, and the 7 cat leeches


Hello again all;
Warm Summer Night Haiku
Barring kitty attacks, squabbles , and assorted weird behavior (having just added 3 new kids), I will attempt to get this written coherently and without too many typos.


640. Setting aside my brush,
I sigh and look over the page.
What is this?
I should slap myself more vigorously.


641. Feeling very benign,
I have no reply to give.
Ask the smallest insect,
His answers would be better.


642. With a quiet heart,
I have no need for fashion.
What may be habit,
Is no use to me.


643. My own way of work,
Amounts to nothing;
Lifting one finger,
Already gone and returned.


644. Buddha may have picked a flower,
But I prefer three.
Never a slave to convention,
One does what one must.


645. Holding up half a clenched fist,
That's the way of it.
The echo of words,
Is utter nonsense.


646. I don't try to be adept,
Just accept the flow.
The music of the stream,
Tumbling over the rocks.


647. Like a cheap hotel,
My thoughts are always open.
To stay costs nothing,
No porter to tip.


648. Lifting a foot with no effort,
The whole body follows along.
I am no zombie.


649. Dry turds don't burn well,
Just stink up the house,
Pungent smoke blinds the eyes;
Open the door!


650. The Buddha in my mind,
Must be dusted every day.
This needful decay,
Filling the dustbin.


651. Who needs to dream of wonders,
The knowledge of a child is more complete.
In the midst of everything,
Don't play with monkeys.


652. The emptiness of emptiness,
Contains a sharp sword;
Split hairs,
And your head will fall off.


653. Do not ask what is.
The unspoken has more effect.
Even a crazed monkey,
Knows what to eat.


654. Mist clears before the eyes.
A shaken fist illuminates the night.
Energy flows from the void.
No one sees or hears a thing.


655. Much more subtle is my walk,
Stopping to rest when need be.
Leaving aside chance,
Would be a sad mistake.


656. To get to the point,
That may be you intent.
Pointless to do so,
And quite unseemly.


657. Throwing mudballs at monks,
Shows presence of mind.
Hard to stomach,
As most runaway.


658. Trapped forever in words,
The depths of boredom.
Light the fire,
And put on the kettle.


659. Check out the old woman,
To see yourself.
The road to Mt. Tai,
Will always be there.


660. Silence is not understanding.
Listen to the rain,
It will tell you plainly.
Look past it, not at it.


661. The fiercest of winds,
Bullies the trees.
Yet in the morning,
They stand. Wind is dead.


662. Thinking of not thinking,
Brings me round to sight.
Space too vast to cross,
Takes some forever to realize.


663. The Master always has fine wine.
While the students drink pond water.
Lift a teacup;
Which is in it?


664. Sitting in the dead tree hall,
Tending my own roots.
I wonder how silly I will look,
With cherry blossoms on my head?


Hello all;
Sunny Wednesday Haiku
It's been a bit of a trying week so sending out these poems may take our minds off two departed kitties, Tigger, and Mouse (one with personality problems, the other with kitty Alzheimers). We have three new hard luck kids to replace them, all from the shelter, each with its own set of new problems. Busy, busy around here.
Gassho and metta to all,
Tasogare Shinju


665. Standing out in the rain,
See the drops as they strike your nose.
Imagine each a small river,
You a blind fish.


666. What has to be done,
Has always been there,
Hidden in the tall grass,
Waiting for a sickle.


667. My thoughts fed to the winds.
I hope they don't hit someone.
A cast off fist,
Could be really dangerous.


668. Chasing shadows with a broom,
Is madness.
Crushing them,
Is sheer brilliance.


669. No words can bring peace and calm.
Ignorent of how things are,
Each new utterance a snare;
Only the eye.


670. People look at me.
The seeing one sees both.
Seeing something else,
I can go where I will.


671. What I used to be,
Dry leaves, faded petals, dust.
Lots of rubbish,
Fuel in hand.


672. Caring nothing for legends,
I long to smell cherry blossoms.
Who needs old tales,
When the dew is heavy on the grass.


673. Leading myself into silence,
Through the empty hall,
There beyond all foolishness,
time to begin again.


675. Having fully heard,
I gather the essence,
Not doubting for a moment,
The seeds will sprout.


676. Overipe fields of karma,
Are nothing I want to harvest.
Better to hang myself,
From a gem tree.


677. My cup always remains empty,
No matter what seems within.
A single sip,
And all Dharmas are resolved.


678. Casting aside my weary mind,
Abandoning thoughts of thought,
No need to do or be anything;
White snow falls.


679. The moon in the empty sky,
Perfect among the stars.
Smiling at the pure face of Buddha,
Everything spread before him.


680. Heavy winter snows,
Frozen feet.
Facing the cold,
Just to see the first new leaves.


681. So many nights,
Before my eyes,
No Spring moon;
What was I thinking.


683. Silent and still,
Pretending to sleep,
Watching three cats,
Experiencing Buddha nature.


684. Borrowing a cup of moonlight,
Makes the tea more heady.
What a funny thing,
To share with myself.


685. A smiling mind,
Rejoices at wind and rain.
No frowns,
For the threatening thunder.


686. When I think about my age,
I laugh inside.
All those years,
Gone, as the hours shorten.


687. Things are as they seem;
One leaf like another,
They appear,
To blind eyes.


688. Burping,
A wanderer rests,
Speaking to the wind,
With equal force.


689. The butt of stares and jokes,
I have to laugh at myself,
A huge blackbird,
That cannot fly.


690. Hitting a monkey,
Over the head with a stick,
Cannot make him eat the moon;
Throw him in the bath.


691. By the door,
Shivering maple trees,
Still growing taller,
As the leaves fall.


Hello all;
New Saturday Night Haiku
Gassho and metta,
Tasogare Shinju


692. Spring evening,
Light mist falling.
Watching the birds,
Brings tears to happy eyes.


693. Even my shiver,
In a light Spring rain,
Without a sound,
Tells me of Buddha nature.


694. Moonlight on the damp window,
The cats and I watch Fall.
Good company,
Late at night.


695. Moving slowly.
The full bright moon,
Naps behind the clouds;
Pleasant slumber.


696. Alone in my dreams,
Night passes over me.
Even the soft breeze,
Cannot stir me.


698. Feeling slightly better,
Chill gone from my bones.
One cup of tea
And a light.


699. My form is empty and barren.
My perception is weak but sunny.
I hold no preconceptions.
By my own volition I sit or move.
My mind is grass cutting.


700. Outside the door,
Or inside the door,
I have only myself to blame,
for the way I smell.


701. The snow Buddha knows something;
Water and air.
I need to breathe and drink,
so hurry up and melt.


702. Impermanence,
Who can say it.
Already gone,
Great compost heap.


703. An echo returns to me,
A reminder of my emptiness.
It's time to rest
And I am at home.


704. No me,
No you,
No poem;
Lonely pen.


708. Don't step on the snow,
Perfect as it is.
something else is below.
Go and take a steam bath.


709. There is joy,
In the saddest of days.
Here beside death,
A kitten chases it's tail.


710. I Have not wasted my death.
Bits and pieces are still useful.
Though felled by an axe,
The tree still grows.


711. Waking from a sound sleep,
The sound of rustling firs.
Out beyond the gate,
The crickets sing.


712. Hearing the sounds of nature,
In the still of the evening,
Maintaining the moment,
Great satisfaction.


713. What a marvelous thing,
Sun rising each morning.
Better still,
The sun never setting.


714. Welcoming the night storm,
Exploring each raindrop.
Gust of wind, peal of thunder;
Only the moon is calm.


715. Burning afternoon incense,
Cats outside the door.
Wall, yet no wall between us.
To whom is the smell sweeter?


716. Like the Buddha I lay still,
full of fun and play.
I smilingly accept,
The stranger has fled.


717. My tired old face,
Looks out at the pond.
I stick out my tounge.


718. In the Autumn shade,
No longer wind blown,
Still and supple of mind,
I go out and ring the bell.


719. Sweeping the entryway,
Trying to keep the door clear,
Always to remain open,
Tp new bird songs.


720. My new foundation wall,
Putlasted last night's storm.
Looking out the window,
I realize how old I have become.


Hello everyone;
Wednesday Rainy Evening Haiku
Almost the end of "Remembrance of Buddha."
Just one more small group after this one.
Gassho and continued mett
Tasogare Shinju

721. I sit idle today,
So many breezes,
Wandering past the house;
Never settling or moving me.


722. Finally free,
Beside the white chrysanthamums.
With a single sideways leap,
Everywhere and nowhere.


723. So ashamed,
Passing fireflies,
Outshine me.
I bow to their knowledge.


724. Having gone so far,
I am crazier still.
Always chasing moonbeams.
How luck I am.


725. I acidentally,
Found myself drinking;
With such a deep well,
I could have drowned.


726. How quiet the night,
A chance to breathe,
A black scarecrow,
In the filtered moonlight.


727. Too wet to stroll,
I pick up the brush.
No raindrop,
Can match the ink today.


728. Emptying my cup,
The tea lingers.
How sad,
This too passes.


730. Almost a holiday,
One always on the way.
Only a memory,
The last of them.


731. Leaving is hard.
Coming is hard.
Eager to blossom;
It must rain soon.


732. Left or right,
On top of a turtle,
Moving so slowly,
Only the Way perceives.


733. Standing here,
I am standing there.
All the same yet subtley different.
Nothing moves the immovable.


734. My words are not stone,
No more immortal than wind.
From this nothing,
The turtle's head emerges.

735. No more planting.
Time to prune the branches.
Outside the gate,
The cut grass blows.


736. Nothing can compare,
To an empty mind.
Though unheard,
The echo is endless.


737. Nothing ever changes,
My whispered words,
Fall on deaf ears;
Shut up !


738. I am content,
Here where I am.
The Way moves me,
Without lifting a finger.


739. My mind grows ever younger,
As my body ages.
I may fall apart,
Yet I can enjoy it more.


740. It is clear to me,
Devotion laughs out loud.
The sound of no sound,
Stiffled at birth.


741. Healing myself,
I always keep busy.
Simpley living to live,
That is all.


742. What comes first and last,
Nothing and I,
Both as empty as my head.
Noth sufficantly wise.


743. What I do today,
Is better than speaking.
I'll learn much less,
Listening to myself.


745. I change nothing,
Rather nature changes me.
So nice to have a teacher,
That doesn't preach.


746. I want nothing,
Save a cup of tea,
An empty sunset,
And an open mind.


747. Sand in,
Sand out;
The hole in my head,
Accepts it all.


Hello all;
For those of you who enjoy my poems and have written me to say so,
thank you so much. For those of you who don't care for them and feel
they are out of place, please feel free to delete them, or to line your
birdcages. they are after all just poems. Regardless I send them with an
open heart and ask nothing in return. They are only meant to provide another
perspective on the Path and to perhaps to provide a bit of relaxation at the end
of a long working day. My best to you all no matter what your opinion may be.
May compassion and tolerance come to all of us.


Hello all;
Saturday haiku
Nearing the end of this volume of haiku. To
all those who know our cats.....the two new
kids are a real riot.
Gassho and metta,
Tasogare Shinju


748. Casting away knowledge,
I never weary,
Of finding it again;
So the Way progresses.


749. One gain, one loss.
No waiting for misty eyes,
Purity or impurity.
Rivers still flow.


750. Raised by the Buddha,
Listening to each new sound.
Truer words are not heard,
Impressed upon the heart.


751. This house of dreams,
Worn and exhausted;
Nothing is gained,
Passing from illusion to illusion.


752. When the Master was asked,
"What is the seat of enlightenment?,"
He replied,
"I'm sitting on it."


753. Focusing my perception,
What do I see?
What did I just see?
Don't tell me.


754. Being as-is,
A lion in a fish bowl,
Cracking the glass,
The roar escapes.


755. No hesitation or doubt,
In a single moment,
Buddha appears in the house;
Make some tea.


756. Zen Masters,
Fish cakes,
Both stink,
Bury them in the garden.


757. Being alive to the moment,
When darkness falls,
The lamps burn,
Harboring nothing in the heart.


758. Sitting where I am,
I am not affected.
Why should I try to grasp,
The passing wind?


759. Although I look back,
I will not go back.
This house is small,
But friendly and warm.


760. I am incorrigible,
How clear, how stately,
This broken down lunatic.


762. At this late hour,
No time for confusion.
Perfectly clear,
Something is going on.
(for Nita)


Well gang, that's the end of
"Remembrance of Buddha."
Hope you have
enjoyed some of it.
Gassho and continuing metta,
Tasogare Shinju, Nita,
and the 8 nightbirds

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January 2001

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